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Social Media can be a Difficult Concept to Grasp

The Social Media landscape is always changing and you probably don’t have time to learn about Snapchat and Well we do. In fact, that’s what we do.

Cloud 9 Marketing Group will cover all of your Social Media needs, and then some.   We’ll sit down with you and examine your current strategy. Don’t have one? That’s no problem. We’ll help you identify the social platforms your business can thrive in and handle the Social Media account creation for you. What good is an awesome looking Facebook page if you don’t have any content to publish? We specialize in content creation that translates your unique brand voice into social content that resonates with your customers.

Now that you have these great looking profiles and optimized content, you’re going to have a lot of responding to do. In fact, managing your social communities is the most time-consuming aspect of Social Media; even more time-consuming than waiting in line at the DMV! It’s important to acknowledge every single person who takes the time to engage with your company. This is a fundamental rule of our  founder’s personal brand. The bigger you are, the more blown away your customers will be when they get a reply or re-tweet from your Twitter account. Community management is fundamental in creating brand evangelists.

Ever wonder how companies get those ads in your newsfeed? We’ll help you design an ad campaign that targets your users based on their location, age, gender, languages, interests, behaviors, income, net worth… Get the idea? A Social Media advertising campaign can benefit your business in more ways than one. These highly targeted ads will increase brand awareness by putting your ads in front of the right people and improve your overall ROI. If you think print, radio or television is what makes sense for your brand, call us right now. Seriously…

Speaking of ROI, Cloud 9 Marketing Group’s analytics will break down your marketing and advertising efforts into a format you can easily understand. Most agency presentations remind us of a computer screen in “The Matrix.” They have lots of 1’s and 0’s and they’re impossible to understand. We can tell you where your users are coming from, how they got there and what they did while they were on your page. You will have the utmost confidence in your Social Media content and campaigns.

We’ll turn your caterpillar into a social butterfly!


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Reach out today! See how much better life can be with your head (and business) in the clouds.