Event Marketing

Event Marketing is Highly Strategic

You need to get the word out weeks, sometimes months before the special occasion. Successful companies often run specials or promotions that raise awareness about the event, long before it takes place. Cloud 9 Marketing Group will help craft these promos for maximum impact on your bottom line. We will also target the customers you need in the building, on your special day. It’s no secret, social media is the modern-day word-of-mouth. Getting influential customers to spread the word about your upcoming affair is the ultimate goal! Let them do the event marketing for you! Influential customers are people who connect with many others on various social platforms. When they post about attending your event, thousands of other people are being told, as well. Cloud 9 Marketing Group can target these specific people and communicate with them directly. Use your brand evangelists to your advantage!

Another piece of event marketing that sometimes falls through the cracks is the follow-up. You should make an effort to thank as many people as you can. Focus on targeting the folks that were instrumental in the success of your event and work your way down the totem pole. Send a thank-you card, an email or even a tweet just to show your appreciation to the customer. Commemorating the moment through photographs creates nostalgic content to post on social channels, in the future. Wouldn’t a photo of your key customers having a blast at your event make a great #TBT photo on your companies Instagram account? Cloud 9 Marketing Group will send a photographer/cinematographer to your location to take pictures that are worth more than 1,000 words.

If you market, they will come!


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